Posted by , 26 September 2008

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

What’s it about? The darkly comic, ceaselessly violent, British fantasy mythos goes online – so it’s World of Warcraft for people with borderline personality disorder. Three years in the making, the atmosphere is spot-on and many of the tedious elements of online gaming – travelling around, repetitive gameplay, ‘grinding’ to get up a level – have been heavily toned down in favour of visceral action.

Coolest feature? Besides the fact it’s an intelligent, stylish game in the ‘grown up’ vein of Bioshock, the big sell is the game’s ‘realm versus realm’ aspect. Armies of players from the opposing sides of order and destruction face each other on manifold themed battlefields, working up to besieging and sacking the others’ capital. If you’re suddenly wondering where all the nerds have gone, look no further. Then slaughter them in a variety of cruel and ingenious ways. Blood for the blood god, as FHM has always maintained.

When? Released for PC September 17.

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