This game trailer could actually be more exciting than the movie trailer. The graphics are so good, when we first saw it we weren't sure if this was movie or game footage. After a slap back to reality from the boss we wanted to know more.

The game not only reveals Wolverine's otherwise forgotten past but also introduces battle sequences that only a regenerative mutant could manage to survive. Battling a helicopter at 30,000 feet before sky-diving (minus a parachute) onto a platoon of soldiers, alone, is just one example of how crazy this pixel bonanza of a game can get.

Wolverine's feral senses can be honed to reveal tactical advantages. That's when his rage abilities come in useful for hacking and slashing in style. And it's literally hacking, as limbs fly off and blood gushes with real-time accuracy in line with your slashes.

This basic slice and dice genre may have been given a refreshing regeneration by making it as epic as a Hollywood movie. That combined with copious amounts of gore and violence aimed at famous enemies like Sabertooth and the Wendigo might make this a future classic.

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