What is it? The Asus 351J 3D: the world’s first 3D gaming laptop. That means being able to play games like Avatar 3D anywhere you want – looking like a bit of a twat in your 3D glasses. BUT who needs reality, or friends, when you’re immersed in another world of high-definition three-dimensional gaming? Now for the stats, geeks:

This beast comes loaded with an Intel® Core™ i7-720QM Processor 1.6 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.8 Ghz which works nicely armed with a huge 4GB DDR3 1066Mhz RAM. Add the best mobile 3D graphics card available in the form of an NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 260M with DDR3 1GB VRAM and display it all in high definition on the 15.6” HD LED (for better battery life) backlight screen, and you're immersed. Put on your supplied 3D glasses, switch on the RF transmitter and enjoy gaming in 3D, or watch a Blu-ray on your combo drive, OR try - and fail - at filling your 1TB of storage spread over two 500GB hard drives.

Why’s it good? Other than feeling like a child again, completely immersed in your game, leaning as you turn and generally flinching when attacked; there’s the prospect of 3D porn. Exciting. We did watch a movie sample on the device in HD 3D and it was easily as good as the technology in the Avatar film, so it definitely works, well.

The price isn’t too painful for a top of the range computer, that’s mobile, features an HD screen for movie downloads AND Blu-ray media, which also facilitates 3D gaming, on the move. Not bad at all.

What’s bad? The Avatar 3D game is very much like the film: awe-inspiring, beautiful, graphically advanced and futuristic. But, also like the film, there isn’t much more to it. But future games – that are actually good – in 3D, could be amazing.

If you’re an avid PC gamer and on the move regularly, this is for you. Even if you’re a casual gamer and need a new powerful laptop, this is for you. Hell, if you just want a laptop that can play Blu-ray on an HD screen AND all the other things a PC does, with 3D abilities, this is for you. That’s most people who will want it then.

I want: Expected late Feb for £1,699 from asuslaptop.co.uk
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