It’s a BMW Jim, but not as we know it. It looks like a car (kind of), drives like a car (kind of) but something’s not right. FHM has discovered that as a general rule cars are made of metal. Shiny metal. This one, however, appears to be made of sticky back plastic and curtains nicked from an insane asylum. Concept car designers have created a prototype gas guzzler out of, that’s right, metres of seamless fabric pulled over a moveable metal frame. Does it look cool? Um, yes. Does it have a point? Not so much.

Why?  What this revolutionary design allows for is the ability to open and close doors, lights, boots – while the “skin” of the car accommodates. You want proof? Click on the video if you  don’t believe. Before and after shots are available too (see below). The upshot? A car that looks like something out of Logan’s Run, but made by super clever Germans. 

When?  Not for lowly peasants such as us, it appears. It’s destined for the BMW Museum in Munich for the time being, so it’s time to brush up on your German if you want to see the design masterpiece in the flesh.

Website:  www.wired.com