Presumably feeling like sub-standard samurai, Japanese electronics giants Toshiba have withdrawn their HD DVD format from the market, paving the way for Sony's Blu-ray to dominate the industry.

The call's been made on the back of Warner Bros.' decision to follow a number of other film studios in only releasing their movies in Blu-ray, meaning Toshiba bosses had no choice but to can their market aspirations.

So, it's decision time: what to buy? For many, it'll mean that the Blu-ray embracing PS3 gets the authoritative nod over the HD DVD compatible Xbox 360. Meanwhile, FHM is on hand to offer you two other options, from opposite ends of the budgeting spectrum.

Kipnis Studio Standard Beta Cine - £3,500,000

If your girlfriend doesn't mind, you could opt for this set up. It will cost a fair whack - but those speakers, combined with the right lighting and a half decent Côtes du Rhône, can reportedley facilitate ejaculation via remote control.

Samsung BD-P1400 - Blu-ray DVD Player - £220

If you haven't got Treasury funds to hand, this is the single cheapest player currently on the market. It is very shiny.