What? The whole “bicycle” idea has remained pretty much the same for… years, probably. Two wheels, a little gearbox thingy and some brakes which may or may not work.  So just when you thought your mountain bike was actually cool, some crazy continentals pop up with the “Cube Collapsible Carbon Concept Cycle” - basically a swish carbon frame with two featherlight wheels.

Why? Even if it weren’t made of superlight carbon, its looks alone leave even part-time cyclists salivating onto their keyboards and reaching for their cheque books.  Its purpose isn’t just to make your friends jealous though – what with it being collapsible and all, it’s being marketed as an eco-friendly rucksackable number. Bear in mind you have to take off the wheels to “collapse” it - which FHM thinks is cheating. Still looks awesome though. So awesome.

When? Yet another concept design soon to be rolled out on an undisclosed date, we can’t say for certain just now. In the meantime, check out the video on their website below and start saving those pennies – because this one ain’t going to be cheap.

Website:  www.cube-bikes.de

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