The latest instalment of the super-flash notebook series from Toshiba, Qosmio. So fast. So pretty. So frickin’ cool.

Why? Ignore the unpronounceable name – this little laptop is outstanding. Aside from being your regular typing-and-shit work-box, it’s also an LCD television (18.4” wide), a monster hi-fi (thanks to its virtual surround sound system) and a superfast HDD/DVD recorder. It’s ace. As if that weren’t cool enough, the mouse-clickers down at Toshiba have given us an extra little bit of technical fuck-wowery: hands free media control. The Qosmio’s webcam detects the movements of your hand and responds accordingly – show palm means stop, wiggle wrist left means go left, that kind of thing. In other words, imagine the screens of Minority Report – in your living room.

Price? You’re looking at a wallet-raping £1600… or more.

When? Q3

Website: www.computers.toshiba.co.uk