Occasionally you're away from home when you want your telly fix. Which, for some of us, is pretty much all the time. Portable video players are the answer. The tube, the bus, the boring car journey to your nan's all can become your entertainment paradise. Your lounge-a-porter, if you will with slightly less comfortable seats. But which to pick? FHM sorts the men from the boys. 



Click 'Next' for the Archos 705 WiFi

Archos 705 WiFi

Why's it good? Bigger touch-screen (a massive 7" LCD), bigger hard drive - this is the player for serious mobile movie viewers. Plus with DVD-resolution playback, the ability to record directly from your TV and built-in wi-fi, it's a multimedia monster.

But all these bells and whistles have a downside, and it's size this is by no means a 'jeans pocket’ device. Its user interface is annoyingly slow (and at times awkward) and videos grabbed from the internet can be a bit blurry.

Gimme: from £330 at archos.com

Outdoors rating: 3/5
Techno rating: 4/5


Click 'Next' for the Cowon Q5W

Cowon Q5W

Why's it good? This small and sleekly styled personal audio/video jukebox matches the Archos for screen resolution (800x480), just not size – although at five crystal-clear inches, it’s no slouch. Add in excellent support for DivX and Xvid codecs (so you can fit better quality films files while using less space), wi-fi, Bluetooth for wireless headphones and a fairly user-friendly interface and it’s a nice package. Shame the hard drive doesn’t even match the smallest Archos in the range.

Gimme: from £359 at amp3.co.uk

Outdoors rating: 4/5
Techno rating: 4/5


Click 'Next' for the Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch

Why's it good? Not because it’s got the worst resolution, screen size and hard drive capacity out of the hand-held players we tested, but, but, but… well, because it’s so damn desirable. Even the awkward-to-convert-to video formats Apples uses don’t really impact when compared to the ultra cool user-interface, seamless connection to iTunes and the supermodel slim body. So it isn’t the best video player here (in fact, it’s the worst), but it is undeniably the most wanted.

Gimme: from £199 at apple.com/uk

Outdoors rating: 5/5
Techno rating: 4/5