What? Ten years since its original release, The Big Lebowski is back – in action figure form. Responding to fans’ overwhelming demand for plasticky versions of their favourite bowling losers, some clever people up at Coen Brothers' towers have given The Dude a second, albeit plastic, life.

Why? Because The Dude is cool. Even if you haven’t watched the film (which FHM heartily recommends you do) the sheer “OhmyGodwow!” tat-factor will leave houseguests in fits of envy. You can choose from The Dude himself, with complimentary cheque book, cloth rug, milk carton, and other hee-larious paraphernalia - or Walter, with bowling ball and moneycase (“It’s Shabbat!”). We're praying for a decent Jesus, and there’s definitely a Stranger available. Make yourself a White Russian and get ordering. Sharpish.

When? You too can tell Donnie to “shut the fuck up” this August.

Price? $24.99 or around £13 for you and me. See the website for more details:

Website:   www.entertainmentearth.com