July 11 – put it in your calendar and mark it ‘the second coming’. That’s right - Apple’s upgraded blower is officially on its way.

So what’s changed? Aesthetically, not much. While the brushed metal back has been replaced with your choice of black or white plastic, on the outside, it’s essentially the same as the original. But inside, it’s crammed full of new features. Ok, so the camera’s still a sub-par two megapixel effort and it’s a tad thicker. Those gripes aside, here’s everything you need to know:

  • 3G compatibility means web browsing is nearly three times faster than before.
  • You can chuck out Apple’s inept earphones and plug in your own cans of choice – it’s fitted with a standard headphone jack, unlike its predecessor.
  • It’ll be half the price of the first generation model. Better still, we’ll pay exactly the same as the Yanks and everyone else - £99 on a £30 O2 contract, free on a £35 contract.
  • The new App Store grants you access to hundreds of handy add-ons, like console-quality games and Loopt – the ‘social compass’ destined to become the new weapon of choice for hardened stalkers.
  • It’s got GPS tracking, so you’ll never get lost again. Plus the technology works faster than on the N95 – the current market-leading GPS-enabled mobile. Check it out:


Already got the current model? Feeling like a dejected, cheated, obsolete idiot? Good news - O2 will give you the new iPhone for free, as long as you sign up for another 18 months. Unless you’re on the cheapskate tariff. In which case, weep away.