What? Despite appearances, this isn’t a bike. It isn’t even a superbike. It’s a massive engine with two wheels nearby, desperate to be ridden down Route 66
at breakneck speed. Hell, it’s a monster – and it’s real.

Why? Why not? Motorbike builders Leonhardt wanted to make something utterly huge and so they did. Nose to tail it’s 11 feet long and weighs in at 1,433 pounds – and its engine firmly arsekicks its rivals, with three times more power than the Triumph Rocket III Classic, the largest production motorcycle in the world.  But what with it being the size of a van, it’s about as manoeuvrable as a tombstone. But who the hell cares? It's huge!

When? Once they’ve finished making the sidecar we’re told. Which means… whenever they damn well like.

How Much?  Undisclosed as yet. FHM's prediction? A big bucket of cash.

Website: www.leonhardtweb.de

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