What? Watches. Shiny, shiny watches. Watches so shiny that they’ve been scientifically proven to attract vast hordes of attractive single women. (This is, in fact, entirely unproven. But very, very likely). Supercool designers Tokyoflash have released some timepieces so awesome you’ll occasionally want to mug yourself. They’re that cool.

Why? Tokyoflash are better known for creating watches that look more like bomb detonators and cheese graters. That way, they get more attention, but predominately for the wrong reasons. Catering for the saner side of the market, here are some classy chronometers that won’t make you look like a total loon. Quite the opposite, in fact.

How Much? Around £43, plus shipping. If you spend over £48 though, postage is absolutely free. 

When? Right about… now.

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