What? It’s a Segway. It’s a motorbike. It’s an “Uno”. And here’s where the difficulty lies for us here at FHM: is this battery-powered extra from Blade Runner actually cool?  Segways –  uncool. Motorbikes – very very cool. The “Uno”? Hard to say.  Completely lacking any conventional controls, the “bike” relies on the slightest nuances of movement from the rider: you tip left, it leans left, and so on. A sleek superbike shell appears to be a desperate attempt to make up for the fact that you are, in reality, straddling a spinning wheel.

Why? Creator Ben Gulak (19) envisaged his invention as a means to cut down on inner-city pollution, harnessing gyroscopic technology and large slabs of plastic. At its max speed of 15mph it doesn’t exactly leave the Segway (12.5mph) eating its dust
then again, it does look a lot better than the robotised moving broomstick. But so does a dead dog. 

When? Still hunting around for investors, it’s not going to be in stores for a while yet. It’s getting plenty of media attention in the meantime, appearing on Jay Leno in a few months.

Website: www.chicagotribune.com