What is it? A genuine, fully functional arcade machine that requires no money. The dream of every child of the eighties.

What’s good about it? This isn’t just an arcade. This is the ultimate arcade that features over 150 games including Street Fighter 2, Golden Axe, and of course Pac Man. It’s two player, has an HD screen, starts up quickly, looks very cool, and brings back all the good feelings of childhood. The more expensive Evo model lets you play PS3 or Xbox 360 games too. Both support the option to download even more games.

What’s bad about it? You are. You’re taller than you were as a kid and the screen feels so much lower making you look like a hunched gargoyle. Unless you're short. The games are never quite as good as you remember them and they’re much harder too. Good for building your patience though.

Get it: £2,800 from bespoke-arcades.co.uk