What is it? Empire magazine – the guys that know everything about films – have released an App that features all their reviews ever. It’s like a giant database of film knowledge in your pocket.

Why’s it good? Best. Guide. Ever. No need for arguments over films ever again. You can scroll through films like you would an album in your iPod, select it and be given the synopsis, full review, cast and crew list, star rating and even runtime. Not only that but you can even add films to your favourites for quick access later. Or if you want to share your film finds, you can post them to Twitter, Facebook or email them at the touch of a button.

It’s insanely easy to use, and navigate. In fact the ease makes it less of a guide book and more of a compelling read that you end up wasting hours reading, when you only intended to have a quick check of an actor's name while you take a toilet break at work. Which leads us to…

What’s bad about it? It’s so addictive and easy to assimilate, you'll lose hours of your life. You'll stop people from getting a seat on the train as you over-shoot your station, prohibit desperate evacuations and ruin underwear as you spend too long in the cubicle. You may even take lives as people are enraged by your ability to win at the film game, every time.

Where and when? It’s out now and available on the Apple iStore HERE.