What is it? A pair of vibrating headphones using 'bone conduction' that act just like little subwhoofers in your ear. Brap.

What's good about it? They headphones look very snazzy with an metallic inner ear design, plus a snazzy geometric design on the side. They also come with a selection of ear-rubbers to help them fit snuggly into your ear hole, which also means they block out any sound-leakage.

What's bad about it? The main problem with these vibrating earphones - is the vibration, which is kind of critical as it's the main feature and you can't really turn it off. It feels weird and uncomfortable. When you finally get used to the vibration, the change in the bassline of the next track instantly reminds you. At some points the vibration actually sent shivers down our spine and made us feel a bit queasy.

The only way to turn the vibrating feature off is to lower the volume halfway, thereby making the volume too low to hear anything anyway. Even at top whack the volume isn't really loud enough to block out your fellow commuters or incessant babble coming from your girlfriend's mouth. Only worth a look for the novelty-factor.