Suzi Perry is kind of amazing. She presents The Gadget Show, she used to cover MotoGP for the BBC, she used to be a model and she's from Wolverhampton. Yeah! So anyway, the other day we talked to her on the telephone and she talked us through five gadgets that are completely useless but quite funny. Please don't  expect to find them all funny. A couple of chuckles as you work your way down the page is all we're really going for. What do you think this is? My Family?

1/ Wheel Surf

"It’s an engine within a wheel. It’s probably one of the most dangerous things I’ve ever tested on The Gadget Show. I fell off and ripped my knee open when I got cocky and thought I had the hang of it. Its just obscene trotting around on this thing because you have no brakes. I thought I was going slow, put my feet down and went head over heels. That’s another hopeless invention. It's amazing people invent these things and expect to make money from them."


2/ Lippi Selkbag

"It’s basically a sleeping bag that you can walk in so if you want to do stupid things it’s quite cool. It looks like a massive baby grow. You use it when you’re sleeping out at a festival or something. It looks ridiculous but it could catch on at festivals because people do weird shit at festivals. It has arms and a hood and it’s really bright so you can never get lost. If you climb a mountain, people can spot you from miles. It’s thermal, sleeping bag material. It’s effectively a sleeping bag with arms and a hood added. It’s really warm to sleep in, but you just look like a bit of a nob."


3/ AK47 AquaFire

"This is a fantastic little gadget and it’s useful because it’s fun. It’s called the AK47 AquaFier. It’s my favourite gadget at the moment. It’s only £20 and it’s the best water pistol ever in the history of water pistols. We got one on the show and we all got completely soaked. It fires four little water bullets per second. It doesn’t have a pump so you don’t have to faff around with that, and it’s got a clip and a magazine that’s really easy to fill up. It lasts for 60 seconds. I think its range is eight metres and it’s really directional and you can just smack people in the face. You got 4 AA batteries in there to keep it going. It’s ace. I think it’s taken over from Super Soaker. Super Soaker was a bit of a faff to reload and while you were doing that you were getting soaked. This is better because you just fire."


4/ The Litter Kwitter

"Designed to train a cat to sit on your own toilet. I actually had to test it with a cat. The training seat was really big, and got smaller and smaller as the cat got a better aim. You put it on the top of the toilet like a child seat and it blocks out most of the toilet in case they fall down. When we put it on The Gadget Show it sold loads. You have to train your cats to flush there’s another cat toilet."


5/ Treasure Seeking Flip Flops

"They have a metal detector built in. So not only are you the annoying one that walks around trying to find other people’s treasure, but also you look like a dick wearing a crap pair of flip flops. They’re big and black. Really un-stylish. I once tested a pair of flip flops that had a drinks capsule in the bottom."


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