Wouldn't it be fun to read a news story on a roll up, wafer thin monitor screen and carry it around with you like you might with an ordinary and frankly boring tree desecrating newspaper? No it's not a Kindle (this is much cooler). In just a few months a greener, bendier and unfortunately much dearer alternative to the traditional newspaper, will be in existence, thanks to Plastic Logic and business savvy swots at Cambridge University.

Plastic Logic, the company behind the device, have priced the flexible electronic screen at $299, and estimate that it will go on sale in the U.S from early next year. The technology which has cost £120 million and taken a decade to produce, will go on sale in the UK from 2011. At the moment, book readers such as the U.S. Kindle, can only display text in black and white, but Cambridge scientists believe that they can create a reader with a colour display using their plastic chip technology.  Go on the brits!