What is it? It’s an iPod dock, but not as you know it. The cube-shaped speakers either side of your pride and joy can be lifted off, then placed wherever pleases you. Balanced on your sleeping mate’s face just before you crank up Bat Out Of Hell, for example.

Why's it good? The speakers feel sturdy and will belt out music for 10 hours on a full charge from an impressive 45ft away. Plus they’ll look a treat perched on opposite sides of your room. Factor in a miniature RF remote and you’ll have girls baffled for weeks.

Why's it bad? You can get a better-sounding dock for half the price. But then it’s the wireless technology you’re paying for. And it works really, really well.

Verdict: Works a treat for parties, especially if your flat’s on the small side. Just don’t expect your audio buff mate to accept it as more than a novelty.

Gimme: Get the Griffin Evolve for £233.99 from Amazon.co.uk