Here’s how to suitably defuzz whilst avoiding the perils of overzealous ‘manscaping’

Remove all visible nasal and ear hair with scissors or a trimmer. Be careful with nostrils – too much off and you’ll itch. For monobrows, try “threading” – an Indian process using thread to pluck hairs. It lasts longer and re-growth is even. Plus, it also works on hirsute cheeks, ear lobes, foreheads and knuckles – see
You need: Philips Nose and Ear Trimmer, £12;

Trim hair back every three months to help keep you cool and decrease sweating. Help limit ingrown hairs and spots, by using a tea tree oil to prevent infection, then exfoliate before hair removal with a body scrub.
You need: Elemis Tea Tree SOS Spray, £19 for 60ml;
Anthony Logistics Sea Salt Scrub, £25 for 340ml;

To keep it neat and tidy, use moisturising gel to soften the hair, then trim with a new blade or trimmer. Use a loofah to exfoliate as hair grows back. The bold should try a ‘back, sack and crack’ wax to clear out inaccessible areas; timing breathing to exhale as the strip comes off, to help the pain.
You need: Seiko Cleancut Intimate Shaver, £60;

Even if she likes your hairy chest, womanly cooings stop at the neck. So wax a hairy back/shoulders. You’ll need your girl or willing pal to help with places you can’t reach; there is no pain like the slow removal of a wax strip. And don’t sunbathe directly after waxing, unless you like exciting new growths.
You need: Single Use Waxing Strips, £6;
Bulldog Shave gel, £3.69 for 175ml;