What is it? Simple. It's a block of wood. It stands out as strangely abnormal in its indoor surroundings. Wave a hand past it and the bark becomes animated, along with the shocked faces of anyone seeing it for the first time.

Why’s it good? It’s as close to real magic as you’re likely to get. Wood coming to life with light (even if it is a laminated LED-lit surface) leaves onlookers scratching their homosapien craniums like far less evolved mammals. Somehow it never gets old waving your hand about to turn it on, despite having a watch on that very wrist, it’s just too novel to stop. Or care what you look like.

The Woodstation displays time, and date with an alarm like a normal clock. It also has a barometer that gives you an accurate forecast of the weather slightly ahead of time, including pressure and temperature. If only there were a way to change it to rain permanently, we would never have to leave the comfort of the couch.


What’s bad about it? It’s expensive for what it does. It’s made from wood, surely it should be cheaper than normal clocks?

Gimme: firebox.com £90