What is it? It’s a Nintendo DS, but bigger. It’s also Nintendo’s characteristically nimble attempt to outmanoeuvre the handheld market. While other companies concentrate on making their devices smaller (PSP Go, anyone?) Nintendo have done exactly the opposite. Genius: A little bit like that time Sir Alex Ferguson called Giranfranco Zola a “clever little so-and-so” after he walked past three Manchester United defenders and sat Peter Schmeichel on his arse. Yeah: “a little bit”.

What’s good about it? The two screens are each 4.2 inches diagonally, compared to the DS Lite’s 3.25, so your gran doesn’t have to squint into her Sudoku. For you, it’s easier to interact with the touchscreen, and the XL comes with a pen-sized stylus. You can download games from the DSi shop, browse the web, listen to music and take pictures with the dual-facing camera. And it’s great to hold in your hands, with a glossy finish on the clamshell and matte underneath.

What’s bad about it? The pixel count is still the same, so below-par graphics really get shown up. And it’s a house-bound gadget really, you don’t want to lug this around on your commute.

How much? £150