Microsoft won’t be demoing their all-body control system (codenamed Project Natal) to the world until the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles in June. But in the meantime, gaming geeks are going batshit for the Peregrine Glove, which is tailor-made for anyone looking to get fisty with their Command & Conquer. The glove connects to your desktop via USB, which is a bit archaic, but a wireless version’s in the pipeline, and everything else about it is, well, awesome.

It’s made of elastic and interwoven with conductive patches, making for 18 ‘touch points’ and over 30 programmable actions. It’s bundled with calibration software to make the glove respond exactly the way you want, and considerately designed with ventilation cool spots for those prone to sweaty palms. There’s also – because they’ve thought of everything – a magnetic break-away pod connecting the USB, which means that celebratory fist-pumping won’t cause any damage.

What will you use it for? Commanding airstrikes by touching your thumb and forefinger together. Regenerating your health by clenching your fist. And, if you so choose, making the universal ‘OK’ signal to summon your most treasured bongo. Thanks, technology.

When? Mid 2010
How much? £120,