10/ Samsung ST500 – £199.99

Not only has this top spec camera got all the features you’d expect it also has a world first – a screen on the front. So now you can crack the front and back of the camera with your toothy smile.

9/ Flip Mino HD – £149.99

Incredibly easy to use little video camera device that you can plug into your computer via a USB connection to get videos of you urinating all over a war memorial on your computer quicker than you can say “250 hours of community service”.

8/ Apple iPhone 3G S – £749.99

We’ll be honest: iPhones ain’t cheap. But they are bloody good at, you know, phoning people, and also, you know, texting people, and you can download applications that no one apart from other iPhone users will care about.

7/ The Hangover on Blu Ray – £15.99

2009’s funniest film? Maybe. With some extra stuff? Yes please. On Blu-ray? So you can see everything in such extremely good detail it’s like you’re actually in the film? Oh go on then.

6/ Fallout 3 Game of the Year edition – £29.99

Epic post-apocalyptic cross between a shooter and a role-playing game. Like Final Fantasy could have been if it had had guns and radiation instead of rubbish Japanese anime.

5/ Samsung Series 6 32" Full HD TV – £929.99

Perfect size for your bedroom and a solid 100Hz so it can totally handle every razor sharp movement you make on those 36 hour computer game binges of yours.

4/ Sony VAIO Notebook – £329.99

Not a bad machine considering how bloody small it is, and it’s very reasonably priced indeed. Comes with Windows XP and has a 160GB hard drive, and it comes in white, black and pink, almost exactly like a tasty tub of Neapolitan ice cream.

3/Psychoville – £12.99

From the chaps behind The League Of Gentleman, Psychoville is an unsurprisingly bizarre murder-and-blackmail-fest featuring a man who can’t rest until he locates his favourite cuddly toy, a disgruntled one-handed clown, a murdering and mildly incestuous mother and son duo, an insane Dawn French who thinks her doll is a child, and a mysterious Black Gloved Man who has an issue with all of the above and wants, it seems, to kill everyone. All in all: brilliant.

2/ The Inbetweeners: Series 1 & 2 – £9.99

The Inbetweeners is the kind of programme that takes you a while to realise isn’t rubbish. It focuses on a clan of schoolboys doing their A-levels, chasing girls and trying not to fail at life. It’s incredibly funny, and is kind of Skins for people who aren’t morons. It’s certainly more realistic than Skins, because being 16, 17 and 18 definitely wasn’t a time when we were humping beautiful girls in empty classrooms, and definitely was a time when we were talking way too loudly about pleasuring ourselves in front of nosy teachers. Good. Times.

1/ Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – £44.99

What else could be number one apart from arguably the best computer game ever made and definitely the biggest selling computer game ever made? Open it on the morning of Christmas Day and say goodbye to any ability you might have to chat pleasantries with relatives you stopped caring about a good six years ago.