Yes, it makes calls, sends texts and reduces colleagues to gawping morons. But Apple’s latest box of tricks is capable of so much more, thanks to the new App Store. Here’s FHM’s pick of the best – and worst – add-ons for your new favourite toy.


What? Developed by Apple, this works through your home wi-fi network to let you control your desktop iTunes library from the palm of your hand. So no more fumbling around with keyboard and mouse to summon your favourite tunes. Should also endow you with a certain sense of futuristic smugness.

Perfect for: Impressing mates/confusing girls at house parties.


What? Classic free-in-a-cereal-packet maze game, rendered in beautiful virtual form. Thanks to the iPhone’s accelerometer, the tilt controls work perfectly, keeping frustration to a minimum. There’s stacks of levels to download, too, ranging from idiot-friendly to plain evil.

Perfect for: Killing time on the bus, extracting gasps of wonderment from pensioners.


What? Originally a paid-for mobile service, this natty app identifies any music within earshot. Simply point your phone towards the speaker and it’ll identify the track being played, then give you the option to buy the track from iTunes, or check out the video on YouTube

Perfect for: Cheating at pub quizzes.


What? The complete works of that guy whose forehead you drew a giant cock on back in year nine, in digital form. You’ll never read a whole play all the way through, obviously, but there’s always the notion that you could if you wanted to. Unfortunately, that massive stack of lesbian bongo isn’t going to wank over itself.

Perfect for: On-tap Bard quotes for any occasion.

Movies by Flixster

What? This instantly gives you the lowdown on what’s playing at your nearest cinema, and even lets you check out the trailers before making your choice. You can save your most regularly visited filmhouses as favourites, and plan your viewing for the next three months with the forthcoming releases calendar.

Perfect for: Arranging dates on the fly.

And three of the most useless:

PhoneSaber “Turns your phone into a lightsaber”. Not literally, hence why it’s shit.

Torch £0.59 for a white screen? Fuck off.

I Am Rich So pointless Apple took it down. For $999.99 it put a logo declaring your wealth on your iPhone. And nothing else. Eight people bought it.