What is it? A social networking tool that lets you send live video streams from your mobile to your Facebook page.

Why it’s good? No other video streaming product allows you to send videos DIRECTLY to Facebook so that it can appear on your mate’s wall and they can watch it as you’re streaming it - live. It has more features like allowing you to upload and record at different rates by using the Bambuser website itself – but the key, we feel, is the Facebook integration (and Twitter, RSS, MySpace and Blogger).

What’s bad? Uploading using your mobile’s 3G connection can be a waste of time if you don’t have amazing connection, so stick to Wi-Fi. Naughty videos on Facebook will probably get you kicked off - we learned that the hard way.

I want… Available for most smart mobile phones including iPhone (from the Apps Store). And, it's free. For more information go to the Bambuser website.