As boffins embark on the quest for a 3D screen that doesn’t need special glasses, 3D glasses that don’t need a screen are already a reality. Vuzix’s Wrap 920AR augmented reality specs feature two displays inside the lenses, which become one cinema sized screen – or the equivalent of a 67-inch display viewed from ten feet away – when you put them on. But then there’s also a pair of cameras that look into the real word, so that video game characters can be overlayed on real-life backdrops, or information about the people and places around you filtered in as it’s available.

Ken Blakeslee, chairman of WebMobility Ventures, says: “The real breakthrough here is that billions of mobile phones, iPods and other types of portable media players are fully capable of storing, streaming and letting consumers view rich content on small screens. Mobile operators take note!” The glasses couldn’t be more dorky, but it’s a bit like the first time you saw a banker talking on a Gordon Gekko mobile phone and someone said, “that’ll be us one day”. They were right. As the hardware acquires a stylistic conscience and the content becomes available, we’ll be summoning footy highlights on virtual cinema screens while we wait for the bus. The difference? We’ll be wearing aviators.

When? Mid 2010
How much? £500,