Russell Brand used to be quite annoying, but these days we actually like him quite a lot – even though he gets to sleep with Katy Perry on a nightly basis. He just seems funnier these days, which is good because he's now headlining big films and nobody wants to go and see films with annoying people in the lead, except people who go to Martin Lawrence films.

Brand's first toplining gig is in Get Him To The Greek, a sort-of-but-not-really sequel to Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Brand again plays Aldous Snow, the charmingly loopy British rock star, but this time it is quite literally all about him. This film sees his career in the gutter, until a young record company executive (Jonah Hill) suggests bringing him back for a special anniversary performance at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. But because Snow is some kind of mental, drug-swilling party animal, getting him to the Greek is not an easy task.

We've seen it. It's very funny. And quite sweet. There's some partying and some troublingly tight trousers. Watch the trailer. Then maybe go outside, cos it's nice and sunny. You could have an ice cream. Do they still make Zooms? They were great.

Get Him To The Greek is out on Friday 25 June.