Stars: Daniel Craig, Eva Green

When the Batman series began to turn into a camp parody of itself, action hero fans were presented with Batman Begins: a dark and serious twist on the series. Fortunately, after the silly dross of Die Another Day, the Bond bigwigs tagged onto the same idea: they re-grouped and came up with the no-nonsense explanation of how 007 became a cold killing machine. Daniel Craig is the perfect lead in this transition away from his overly camp Martini-swilling predecessors – think of it as comparing Jack Bauer to Dale Winton.

The few people who managed to escape seeing Casino Royale upon its cinema release will be delighted to find an astonishing opening scene, some intense sadistic torture and the most deadly game of cards ever committed to film. For those who did catch it at the multiplex, be prepared to feel inadequate all over again as a rather broad Mr Craig steps out of the sea in those tiny trunks all over again.

Extras: Two hours of extra footage, including the documentary, Becoming Bond.

Here are some exclusive clips from the DVD extras:

Beginning of Bond:

Directing Bond:

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