The whole of the FHM office is communally wetting itself over the prospect of this film (out September 19) – and with good reason. Besides being genuinely hee-larious (a couple of lucky bastards have already seen it, the swine) it’s got the marketing campaign of the Gods. We’ve got leading action-man Tugg Speedman’s ‘personal’ site, multi-award winning method actor Kirk Lazarus’s page as well as his holier-that-thou art-flick’s webpage

Here's more Tropic Thunder goodness for you, including two interviews and trailers (fake or otherwise) aplenty:

Playing Jeff 'Fats' Portnoy, Mr Black gets to crack fart jokes, bleach his hair, and generally tit about as the comic relief member of the Tropic Thunder crew. Jack tells all about the joyful experience of larking about with Stiller and Downey Jr.
Downey Jr is a legend - and this foul-mouthed interview proves it.
The trailer for the fake documentary behind the film of the film that didn't go well. Which is fake - or something. Hell, it's funny.
Honestly, the actual trailer for the actual film. And it's good. Honestly.