Stars: Halle Berry, Penelope Cruz, Robert Downey Jnr.

We say: After a mysterious meeting on a rainy bridge, a psychologist (Berry) wakes up as an inmate in her own mental hospital. Her breakdown, following the brutal murder of her hubby leads into a terrifying, supernatural whodunnit mystery. Blood-soaked messages on walls, ghosts unlocking cell doors, unsolved knife attacks in the shower and the devil raping Penelope Cruz – this thriller appears to have it all. But, for all the tense, and at times brilliant, ghouls-chasing-Halle-Berry antics of the first hour, this flick appears to crumble under its own weight into a pile of clichés and horror film resolutions in the final thirty minutes. A disappointing ending, but still worth watching if you’re in the mood for being spooked.