Kill Bill was never going to be just the one flick, despite what Miramax and Tarantino may have claimed last year. And now, ‘The bride’ is back. Two down, with three to go – including her ex-boss, Bill. Fans of the first instalment though will be surprised, and perhaps a tad disappointed, to find a distinct lack of the adrenalin-rush, kick-ass scenes that so characterised the opening half of this classic. But, what Tarrantino loses in action, he gains by way of dialogue. This is an excellent sequel, every bit as good as the first – if not better. All the loose ends are thankfully tied up in this highly stylised twisty-turny plot, but don’t think for a minute that there won’t be a few shocks… Highly recommended - despite the fact we never received our review copy... Not that we're bitter... we just bought one instead, because it really is that good.