Stars: Naomi Watts, Jack Black, Adrien Brody

They say: A film crew filming a movie on an uncharted island stumble upon many strange, dangerous creatures, including 'Kong', a giant ape who captures the lead actress

We say: Let's be honest, we all went to see this when it was at the pictures, and on the big screen it was a stonker of a film. Monsters aplenty, Andy 'Gollum' Wotsit giving it some as the terrifying Kong, and Naomi Watts prancing around in a little number that was very nearly seethrough. But the real star of this is Jack Black, whose face is funny enough even before he's opened his mouth. As you can probably guess, being that this is from the same man who gave us Lord of The Rings, there are enough extras to sink a ship... which, incidentally, is what a giant ape like Kong would have done if this was actually a true story. But that's just splitting hairs.