The moment we at FHM heard that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, creators of South Park, were making a film about world terrorism and America’s global power trip response, we knew it would be good. When we then heard they were doing it with puppets, we nearly wept with joy! It’s exactly how you would imagine – Thunderbirds with the grace and controversy of Cartman and co. Indeed, it’s very possible that this will be the first and perhaps only puppet film ever that had to cut an explicit sex scene from the final version of the film. Parker and Stone clearly set out to offend on this one. The film features songs like the hard-rock anthem ‘America…F**k, yeah’ and a power ballad named ‘Pearl Harbour sucked…Just a little bit more than I love you’. The actor Sean Penn was so incensed with the film that he felt the need to end an angry letter to the South Park pair with ‘All the best, and a sincere f**k you!’ Yet whilst the film does aim to offend in all areas, it chooses America as it’s main victim. In echoes of real life, the American World Police team are shown to be inept and foolhardy in their bullish handling of global politics. In one scene they manage to wipe out the landmarks of Paris, whilst proving completely unsuccessful in stemming the terrorist threat. As well as the cracking jokes, the puppets and design get as many laughs as the script. The demented genius of this punchy political parody cannot fail to get laughs. Bizarre, deeply wrong, yet ultimately hilarious, this film’s a good’un