Now, we're not lazy, but the whole 'macho' thing can sometimes feel like far too much effort. As much confidence as we have in our ability to protect our women from would-be attackers, if it came down to it, we’d probably make more of a mess of our smalls than of our enemies.

Which is why action girls get us so hot under the collar - not only are they generally to be found within some sort of figure-hugging catsuit, but they also know how to fend for themselves. Leaving us to strike that ‘just about to attack’ pose as she delivers a roundhouse to a gang of hoodies after her Nokia. Smooooth.

With Sunshine star Rose Byrne the latest addition to the aggressively sexy ranks, it’s time for a run down of cinema’s finest action-minded femmes.

Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft

Uma Thurman as The Bride

Halle Berry as Storm

Jessica Alba As The Invisible Woman