Stars: Val Kilmer, Carrie Fisher, Kate Bosworth

We say: Paul Thomas Anderson’s Boogie Nights touched on the Wonderland murders in its portrayal of fictitious porn star Dirk Diggler. This flick digs much deeper, with a depiction of the real life events – the brutal murders of four young men and women at 8763 Wonderland Avenue in 1981. It also gives an insight into the tawdry world of drugs, sex and violence that ex-porno legend John Holmes fell into during the second half of his career and, of course, his involvement in those murders.

Kilmer is on top form as John Holmes, and the whole thing plays out like one high budget bongo flick - technically well made, but lacking heart. Large chunks of the true story are unclear, and the stuff of fact is unsurprisingly sensationalised, Hollywood-style. What could have been tiresome though isn’t, mainly thanks to some clever direction, Kilmer’s strong performance and the trouser-ruiningly gorgeous Kate Bosworth.