Ten cinematic Nazis who brim with pure evil

Posted by , 03 February 2009

Adolf Hitler et al in Triumph Of The Will

Which Nazi? Most of them, because Triumph Of The Will is a Nazi propaganda film from 1935 highlighting the benefits of Nazism.

Why’re they evil? Josef Goebbels, the Nazis’ propaganda maestro, thought cinema was amazing, so they made this. And it's packed with the standard whiff of bullshit you get with any political broadcast, plus the horrible knowledge of what became of it. In 1935, the Nazis were small time. Ten years on, they’d committed the worst atrocities ever seen by man. Should someone, anyone, have seen it coming? Who knows. But Hitler knew. Because he was evil.

When and where? Released in 1935, it helped get Hitler into power. Get Triumh Of The Will from Amazon. Or watch the whole thing on YouTube, complete with English subtitles. Absurdly, it’s still considered innovative for its production methods, and won awards all over the world.

Key quote: Hitler: “It is our will that this state shall endure for a thousand years. We are happy to know that the future is ours entirely!”

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