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The impending release of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland hails a sequel at long last. This film has been getting re-made for over 100 years already.

Lewis Caroll wrote the novel – off his tits on opium no doubt – and had it published in 1865, thirty years before the invention of the motion picture in 1895.

This adaptation of the Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland novel was one of the first full-length motion pictures. It was directed by Percy Stow and Cecil Hapworth (who wrote the screenplay and plays the frog) and starred May Clark as Alice. Only eight of the original twelve minutes (the longest film of it’s day) has survived the test of time – but with no sound, you probably wouldn’t want to watch much longer than that anyway.

Check out the ‘special effects’ of Alice growing and shrinking – mind-blowing stuff… who needs 3D?
Check out the new Alice In Wonderland trailer below: