Who? Immodesty Blaize (glamour's mother), strippers (naked)

What’s it about? Burlesque dancing is the classy older sister of the trashy modern stripper. It’s all about glamour and teasing while showing off the feminine form in an artistic and complimentary manner that magnifies women’s sexual power shamelessly. Like watching a strip tease but with the sleazy guilt shrouded by illusions of art appreciation.

What’s good about it?
Immodesty Blaize – the queen of burlesque – guides you through her world, one dirty dance at a time. A whole film of burlesque dancers doing burlesque dancing and talking about burlesque dancing. How can it possibly fail?

What’s bad about it? Watch out for blokes in macintosh coats in the back row at the cinema.

Verdict: Don’t miss it.

Where and when?
ODEON – January 21