Who? Brad Pitt (excitable) Frances MacDormand (frumpy) George Clooney (sexual) John Malkovich (insane) Tilda Swinton (ginger)

What? Impulsive personal trainer Chad (Pitt) discovers a CD full of highly classified CIA files lying about the changing room floor. Sensibly he decides to blackmail the owner (Malkovich) who is, of course, madder than a box of frogs. Comedy ensues at a violent rate, with Clooney blundering about putting his willy into the proceedings, people getting shot and Pitt dancing like a deranged chimp.

Why? Because it’s the Coen Brothers – and they’re back on form. Ok, ok, they did win an Oscar for their previous film No Country For Old Men, and, yes, that was pretty fun for a shotgun-blasting Western thriller, sure... if you like that kind of thing. But this is comedy. This is Pitt and Clooney. This is funny. And you have to see it. That's a fact.

When? October 19