Eric Cantona (philosophical), Steve Evets (suicidal)

What’s it about?
Eric (not Cantona) is painted as a pretty pathetic excuse for a man. He's an unhappy postie with two failed marriages under his belt, living in an appartment that a squatter would spit at.  The only time when 'Little Eric' finds solace is when he's talking to a poster of his footballing hero, Eric Cantona. Fearing that stressed Eric might spike his breakfast tea with cyanide, or jump in front of a bus, real life Cantona steps out of his fan's poster and becomes little Eric's life coach... of sorts. Director, Ken Loach, who is known for his gritty realism, stayed true to form with this erratic and emotionally sensitive comedy, which was actually the brainchild of the frenchie himself. Reportedly, big Eric has long expressed his desire to make a film about a fan and his footballing hero. Self indulgent much?
Why we’re excited:
Because Cantona is actually hilarious. And because there's a scene where Eric (Steve Evets) asks Cantona about his footballing career, which is inevitably followed by a (sweet) montage of Cantona's favourite goals.

Why we’re nervous:
Because it's possible that we won't be able to understand what's coming out of Cantona's mouth, in French or English.