What’s it about? Written by Grant Morrisson so you know it’s an instant classic. Promotions called it “the day evil won”. After the death of New God, Orion, superheroes start being killed. The cause turns out to be the evil New God, Darkseid (getting smacked about by Superman in the above video) who is using an Anti-Life Equation to enslave the planet. Since this is the conclusion to the 51-issue Countdown To Final Crisis, it’s epic stuff. The many versions of earth, that exist in what’s called the Multiverse, are all under attack. An evil version of Superman must be stopped while Batman goes head to head with Darkseid, at his own peril.

What’s special? This tale, in true DC style, is bleak. A far cry from the Hollywood movies you’re used to. It’s the adult’s modern comic where real life, meaning pain and genuine fear of loss, is faced. Of course it’s faced with spandex on, and inter-dimensional superhero bonding sessions, over bullets from the future, so it can never be taken that seriously.

The multi-layered plot lines in their early stages are reminiscent of Alan Moore’s Watchmen, where you’re left with lots of questions – driving you to read on excitedly. The death of Batman only spurns you on further onto a trippy inter-dimensional journey into the soul of humanity and ultimately a way to kill evil. Oh, and of course this allows the possibility for Batman to come back, conveniently.

Look out for: The Flash running so fast he can pass through people. Batman breaking his no guns policy. A Nazi Superman from a universe where Hitler won the war.

If you liked…
The Story: Grant Morrisson has had his fingers in every comic pie from Superman, Batman, JLA and Doom Patrol to X-Men, Spawn, Hellblazer and the renowned WE3. Pick your favorite character from Final Crisis and hunt out their comics from there, keeping your eyes peeled for the Morrisson name wherever possible.
The Art: J.G. Jones brought the story to life with a team of others. His most famous work was Wanted (with Mark Miller), now a Hollywood movie starring Angelina Jolie.

Hot off the press: Blackest Night out 16 July follows the life, death and rebirth of Green Lantern Hal Jordan. Not only are the stories full of great reveals, deaths and excitement, but the art will be burned on your retinas for days. If you can’t find it, OK Comics should have a copy and will even give you a free Black Lantern Ring regardless of whether or not you're a big enough geek to sport it.

Blackest Night Trailer: