What is it? Human Target is an espionage comic series written by Peter Milligan and published by the Vertigo imprint of DC Comics. This is a televised adaptation centering on Christopher Chance (Mark Valley), a mysterious freelancer who offers a unique form of security for hire. He assumes the identities of people in danger, becoming the "human target" on behalf of his clients.

Why we want it in the UK? Fox threw lots of money at this series, which is why the trailer alone looks like it could be for the latest Mission: Impossible instalment. The 80s are hip now and this has all the makings of a classic 80s action movie. Macho main character putting himself at risk? Check. Hot girl in need of protection? Check. Vaguely racist black character? Check. Lots of big explosion? A retina-burning check.

Worries: In true Fox and 80s-action style, this may have been dumbed down too much from its comic roots. The original effort to televise it in 1992 looked like a fail, despite getting David Carradine to feature:

When? January 2010. No doubt available online through torrentz.com. Or to stream use fox.com after you've tricked them into thinking you are in the US. All is explained here.