Ten cinematic Nazis who brim with pure evil

Posted by , 29 January 2009

Daniel Balint in The Believer

  • #01

    Adolf Hitler et al in Triumph Of The Will

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    Josef Mengele in The Boys From Brazil

Which Nazi? Ryan Gosling plays Daniel Balint, a troubled and not-all-that-common Jewish neo-Nazi who's highly intelligent but, unfortunately, a massive racist.

Why’s he evil? The first of three neo-Nazis in our list, The Believer portrays Balint's unhappy childhood as an Orthodox Jew in New York. Adapted from the story of a 1960s KKK member who was outed as being Jewish by a New York Times reporter, the film feeds on Balint's hatred for himself and the world he's from. So not only is he a violent anti-Semitic, he’s a suicidal and unhinged psychopath as well. Which isn't ideal.

When and where? Filmed in 2001 and set in modern day NYC, it's a warning that people like Balint are probably out there, somewhere. Buy The Believer from Amazon.

Key quote: "Do you want to know the real reason we hate them? Because they exist."

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