Who? Produced by Peter Jackson. Starring Sharlto Copley (South African), Nathalie Boltt (brainy), William Allen Young (suit).

What's it about? Aliens have landed but earth won't let them go home. We want their weapons technology and they won't give it up. And let action commence as war breaks out for the aliens on the run. Which side will you cheer for?

Why we're excited: Not only does it look like Independence Day but it's directed by Peter "Lord of The Rings" Jackson... forget King Kong, he can direct. Hand-to-hand fights with aliens and big futuristic weapons can't be a bad component either.

Cool prep work: As part of the marketing campaign in North America, posters were put up in major cities on bus stops and on the sides of buildings, designating areas that were restricted for humans only. They even included a number to call in order to report non-humans.