Ten cinematic Nazis who brim with pure evil

Posted by , 29 January 2009

Dr Christian Szell in Marathon Man

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    Josef Goebbels in The Goebbels Experiment

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    Heydrich and Eichmann in Conspiracy

Which Nazi? Laurence Olivier plays the fictional Dr Christian Szell, a Nazi dentist who’s on the run for war crimes, but is back in New York to get some diamonds.

Why’s he evil? Because he loves torture, and in the film's best scene gives Dustin Hoffman's character, Babe, a mouthful of pain with drills and other sharp tools while saying "is it safe?" over and over again. He thinks Babe knows where his diamonds are, see, but Babe doesn’t. The poor bastard.

When and where? Filmed, released and based in '70s New York. An old Nazi walking down the street in a modern setting with normal clothes on looks, somehow… goofy. Buy Marathon Man from HMV.

Key quote: "Oh, don't worry. I'm not going into that cavity. That nerve's already dying. A live, freshly-cut nerve is infinitely more sensitive. So I'll just drill into a healthy tooth until I reach the pulp."

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