So, Inception is out this week. It's directed by Christopher Nolan, stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Cillian Murphy, Joseph Gordon Levitt and Tom Hardy, and it's about people going into other people's dreams in order to steal their thoughts. It's really pretty amazing. Honestly, it's probably the best film of the year so far. Most of the FHM team saw it last week. Here's what we all thought:

"It's testament to the quality of this film that the only criticism I have is an inconsistency in the skiing goggles worn by the extras" - Paul French, senior writer

"It's fucking cool" - Tom Howard, junior writer

"Definitely the best film of the year so far - although I can't remember what came out before about April" - Olly Richards, head writer

"I haven't seen it; it sounds really good. Is it really confusing?" - Laurence Mozafari, writing intern

Anyway, we spoke to two of the stars of the movie, Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy. They said a lot of things. Most of those things are in the video above. Below is a trailer for the film. It's out on the 16th July. See it, you mothers.