Samir (torn), Roy (righteous), Omar (misguided), Max (tough cop) and Fareed (big bad boss).

What's it about?
Ex-military trained explosives specialist Samir Horn begins working as an extremist selling bombs in Yemen. Roy Clayton, all American FBI agent, is on his tale in an attempt to bring down the terrorists. After getting blood on his hands Samir, a man of God, is torn not knowing which path is right. Does he make the 'right' choice?

What's good about it?
It focuses on highlighting the grey areas between right and wrong. The action is sparse but what you get is good, especially the gritty prison fight scene early on. This film is so ethically challenging you may end up finding it hard to read your own moral compass by the end.

What's bad about it?
The plot is pretty basic, so to draw it out, you float along rather than being pulled through the tale, which can get a little tedious. If you're a Muslim it's going to seem really one-sided unless you understand Samir's role as the good guy in the end... but even he blows up a bunch of people.

The verdict:
If you're in the mood for moral debate it's worth watching. Performances are good but not amazing. Nail-biting moments will happen but you'll be doing that while still sat right back in your seat.

When? March 27