Vin Diesel (broody), Paul Walker (Californian), Jordana Brewster (demure) and Michelle Rodriguez (feisty).

What’s it about?
Dom and Brian are forced to team up once more to get revenge on a drug-lord and take him down. This, of course, involves plenty of flashy, fast-paced car chases to get the job done. That and a nice helping of meetings in the midst of parties decorated by supermodels.


What’s good about it?
Apart from the constant flow of hot, tanned, bikini clad babes swanning past the camera, there is the other type of eye candy – cars. From tuned import cars to American muscle, you’re not short on revs. Plenty of posturing and punch-ups keep the storyline stumbling along at a good pace. When that falters some of the car stunts they pull carry the film alone.

What’s bad about it?
So they cut the name down to simply Fast & Furious, but they put all the extra words into the script. It comes off as an attempt at a story-based movie when all it is really about is the action, cars and girls. Like the crappy Peugeot that is suped up to compete with the big cars at the end of the film, it just isn’t as good as it thinks it is. A car chase through a tunnel so you have no perspective of what is going on was a bad idea. Maybe too much time went into creating bolshy lines for Vin, or Paul Walker's fake tan and not enough on planning locations.

The verdict:
One to see at the cinema on the big screen. The action will get your heart racing like a shot of NOS to the eyeballs. However, that rush comes at a cost of a story-line comedown. If you’re feeling simple, or drunk and stoned, this would be a perfect way to spend the night. Paul Walker is still just as annoying, but Jordana Brewster is still just as hot. Watch the trailer here.

When? April 10