Jason Statham (shirtless), Amy Smart (shirtless)

What’s it about?
At the end of Crank, Chev Chelios falls out of a helicopter and dies. In High Voltage, some Chinese gangsters scoop him off the floor in order to harvest his super-powerful heart, they give him a temporary one, but the battery is running out so he has to electrocute himself in order to keep going and track down his old heart. Amazing.
Why we’re excited:
Anyone who saw the first Crank and thought it the most awesome thing since the last time you did a really long skid on your bike will be excited about this. Statham has never claimed to be anything but a thug, and as Chev Chelios he excels. Shot almost entirely through a fish eye lens, in Crank: High Voltage Statham runs, shags and shoots his way around LA in the most gloriously daft film since… well, Crank. After a sneak peak, highlights to look out for include go-go girls with Uzis, Jason Statham head-butting the go-go girls, Jason Statham sticking his finger in a plug socket, Jason Statham saying, “Juice me,” a lot and Amy Smart’s bottom.

Why we’re nervous:
Because it will be embarrassing having to explain to people why we’re constantly high-fiving and muttering, “Juice me Doc,” every five minutes.